Between the devil and the deep blue sea

And here it is folks, the end of 2020. 

Between virtual Christmas gatherings and year-end catch ups with those we feel obliged to meet, the conversation always seems to trickle down to a steady,

“What did you accomplish this year?”

“Not much, but I’m grateful for the small things.”

Somehow, some way, the general consensus falls to a dismal attempt at being satisfied with the fact that we haven’t actually done much at all this year. 


Hold onto your pitchforks and hear me out for a second, being thankful is important. We should most definitely hold onto the little wins and we should very surely celebrate the smallest of achievements.

But let’s be honest with one another – haven’t there been days you wished you had accomplished them all? Days where ignoring regrets doubles the weight on your shoulders? The ache in your chest?

We’ve discussed the importance of gratefulness and joy, the importance of understanding and seeking these constructive emotions. Today, let’s talk acceptance.

Let’s talk about how it’s alright that we haven’t accomplished anything this year. We don’t have to be grateful for the smaller wins, we don’t have to find joy in the achievements we’ve had – just take the minute right now to accept and acknowledge that – yeah, this is how the year turned out. 

It might be disheartening to look back at the person we were at the beginning of the year – the person that had goals, dreams, and hopes that had to be set aside as the days unravelled. Perhaps you had planned on traveling a lot more, or perhaps this year was going to be your year and everything was just going to go your way – you were sure of it.

Come the end of 2020 and yet.


This isn’t to say that we should rake over coals and give up on life entirely. This isn’t to say that we should resign and approve of how the year has passed. This isn’t to say that acceptance is a one-step cure-all process that fixes us immediately.

Acceptance is allowing ourselves to recognise the reality of things, it’s processing our emotions of lost time and opportunities, it’s making space for the things we cannot change. Acceptance is understanding that things are the way they are and, because changing the past is out of our control, we take and embrace defeat – the first step towards light.

Rather than mulling over lost time, why not accept things as they are and prepare our hearts instead for what's more to come? 

Just a thought I thought to leave you with.

See you in 2021. 




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