We create jewellery made to celebrate and commemorate the moments that matter most; jewellery inspired by the lives of real, purposeful individuals. 


Our Values & Mission

Our Values

We believe that each life should be cherished, each moment noticed, and that the world can always do with a little more kindness.

Meaningful Reminders

We want our jewellery to be beautiful reminders that inspire and motivate, ones that celebrate and commemorate precious memories and milestones.

Social Mission

Here at The Mindful Company, promoting mental wellbeing and kindness have been values held dear. We're now on a journey to extending this mission, ready to tackle the stigma against mental illnesses. Through voices from the Mindful community – from you and from me – we at The Mindful Company believe that there's space in our hearts for compassion, for consolation, for conversation.  

Our Products

Ethical Practises & Ethical Production

We produce our products in factories that are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). These partners are involved in practices that respect human and labour rights.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are commited to walking the path alongside social and environmental responsibility. Recycled paper is used for all packaging; all shipping emissions that contribute to climate change are neutralised by us. Funds are then invested in initiatives counteracting the environmental impacts of shipping.


Personalise your Reminders


Choose your reminder

Pick your reminder jewellery of choice. Select one that speaks to you or your loved ones.


Pick a Font

Select your favourite font.


Have it Engraved

Personalise your reminders with a classic initial, that special date, your power word, or a symbol to hold and carry close. It is also optional to leave it blank.

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