Rose Gold It Takes Grace Frame Necklace


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To have grace is to be generous with kindness.

Despite the situation, the circumstances, the tides of the waves, it takes grace to be the bigger person and to consider the perspectives of others. A Reminder to remain kind in every situation, a Reminder that there is more than what you see on the surface – be kind.

It takes grace, a Reminder of patience and kindness. 

Our Reminder Frames is a collection and reflection of empowering phrases curated to guide and comfort. In times of hesitance, uncertainty, or doubt, let these frames be a tangible reminder to step back and breathe; a Reminder of the guidance we need most.


  • Pendant: 1.1cm/0.4" x 1.7cm/0.6"
  • Chain length: 43.5cm/17"
  • Additional clips at: 46cm/18" and 48.5cm/19"

Finishing and Materials

0.5 micron 18k rose gold plated brass, e-coating


Personalise your jewellery and gifts with a classic initial, that special date, your power word, or a symbol to hold and carry close. Engravings embody those joyous moments and precious memories, the perfect manifestation of your most loved and cherished.

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