What colour represents your personality?


This month, we launched our Reminder Cords, a collection inspired by colour theory. So we thought – why not come up with a way for you to see what colours resonates with your personality most.

Based on Dr Buckwalter's myCOLOUR, we've created a quiz to help identify the colour that best resonates with your personality. Knowing what colour you are can help you understand yourself and how to navigate relationships around you.

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Reds are bold, assertive, and a lover of adrenaline. They’re confident and charismatic, unafraid to trust their instincts, stand their ground, and say whatever’s on their mind. Reds are most often extraverted, energised by the people around them. They never give up, always thinking of their success and achievements – which might lead to having a poor handle on their emotions.

Gold Heart in Sangria / Gold Vermeil Cord in Cherry


Oranges are optimistic, friendly, and perceptive. They’re empathetic and kind, approachable and good-natured. Smaller gatherings are more your thing, despite having a pretty large circle of friends. Oranges have good people and communication skills, making them great conversationalists. They’re a lover of love and all things tinted rose – which often creates unrealistic expectations and inevitable disappointment at times.

Peach Moonstone Bracelet in Rose Gold / Rose Gold Perfectly Imperfect in Natural


Blues are dependable, practical, and tenacious. They’re dedicated to their craft, loyal to their loved ones, and the one you go to when you need a little tough love. Blues keep to their word, believe in the reliable, and are often the calm in a storm. They value honesty and discipline, a keeper to rules and structure, a lover of order and security – which might make them seem inflexible and stubborn at times.

Silver Still I Rise in Persian / Aquamarine Bracelet in Rose Gold


Greens are calm, grounded, and supportive. They’re insightful and observant, a watcher of the things around them rather than an active participant in banter and conflict. Greens love life, see strength in stability, and believe in working towards the greater good. They are tolerant and accepting, almost too altruistic – which might make cause more harm than good at times.

Silver Begin Again in Pear / Silver Begin Again in Sage / Chrysocolla Bracelet in Rose Gold


Purples are creative, expressive, and thoughtful. They’re most likely to take the road less travelled, unimpressed by boring conventions. Purples value art and the creatives, inspired by life itself; they’re emotional in many aspects, expressing their thoughts and emotions in ways only they know how. They believe that life is whimsical, maybe a touch nihilistic – which might make them seem disconnected or unfocused at times.

Amethyst Bracelet in Rose Gold / Gold Vermeil Cord in Periwinkle


Red + Orange
Red-oranges are the life of the party. Doesn’t matter if it’s at a frat house or a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner with your grandparents – they’re the ones to call. They’re extraverted but can be a fan of smaller, more intimate gatherings, adaptable to pretty much anything.

Rose Gold Vermeil Cord in Cherry / Rose Gold Don't Give Up in Natural


Red + Purple
Red-purples are the ones who make sure the party is unlike any other. Out to a rooftop karaoke bar, then to the airport on the next flight to Vegas to bet an entire grand on red – they’re the ones to call. Red-purples are the friends in it for the long haul; they’re confident in their thoughts, style, and themselves, and they aren’t afraid to admit it.

Gold Heart in Sangria / Gold Vermeil Cord in Periwinkle


Red + Blue
Red-blues are the ones who planned the party. One hour to get the house ready for your cousin’s 21st birthday? They’re the ones to call. Red-blues are the ones you can count on making an impression, from rushing down to get more ice or baking the turkey to absolute perfection – never doubt their skills and good ones at that.

Gold Vermeil Cord in Cherry / Lapis Lazuli Bracelet in Rose Gold


Red + Green
Red-greens are the real ones who keep the party going. Have too many guests you can’t possibly entertain all at once? They’re the gel of the group, speaking not too often but enough to have control over the conversation. Red-greens are the ones you know will be the last to leave, and only after everyone’s had their fun. 


Orange + Purple
Orange-purples are the entertainers of the party. Impromptu stand-up, terrible karaoke, or a half-hour rendition of their favourite Hamilton score – they know how to get the party started. From calls for Twister to a quieter sit-down around the fireplace, orange-purples are all about doing things together and doing it in the most fun way possible.

Peach Moonstone Bracelet in Rose Gold / Gold Vermeil Cord in Periwinkle


Orange + Blue
Orange-blues are the life-savers of the party. Someone tripped and fell face-first into the dinner you so tediously prepared? They’re already on the phone with Dominos before you can explode into pieces. Orange-blues are the ones to call when you’re down in the dumps but you need to get things done; they’re life’s first aid. 

Peach Moonstone Bracelet in Rose Gold / Blue Lace Agate Bracelet in Rose Gold


Orange + Green
Orange-greens are the caretakers of the party. Going around to check if everyone’s got enough water in them, if everyone’s had a serving of the gratin – they’re the ones to call. Orange-greens supervise and empathise, going miles for someone that barely know the name of. They make sure everyone chips in to help clean up, and that no mess is left behind. 

Peach Moonstone Bracelet in Rose Gold / Silver Begin Again in Pear


Purple + Blue
Purple-blues are the ones with a membership to a pretentious party supply store. Their creative direction goes where no other had been, and they’re practical with it too. No creative project is too big for purple-blues because they’ve got the capacity and ability to have it all under their control. Purple-blues are the ones to call when you need to plan a monster wedding with a budget less than ideal.

Gold Vermeil Cord in Periwinkle / Silver Still I Rise in Persian


Purple + Green
Purple-greens are the ones to suggest a movie and popcorn over downing shots. They’re the pioneers of a relaxed weekend with only the arts on their agenda; call them when you want to spend the evening listening to painting, chilling, and listening to John Mayer. Purple-greens are the mood-makers of the group, experts at wielding their emotions. 

Amethyst Bracelet in Rose Gold / Silver Breathe in Sage


Blue + Green
Blue-greens are the stars behind the party’s success. They’re the ones that make sure the icebox never runs out of ice, that the caterer comes on time, and that everything goes as smooth as can be. Never one to look for the spotlight, blue-greens are the friends everyone wants to have. They strive to keep the peace, and will know the exact steps to turn a mishap into an opportunity.

Sapphire Bracelet in Rose GoldSilver Enough in Sage

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