Engraving Ideas

Take personalisation to another level with some of these ideas – whether it's for a loved one or yourself, get inspired for your next buy!

Character limits:
Reminder Braids, Reminder Bar – 8 characters
Reminder Gemstone – 12 characters

In traditional numbers or Roman numerals, these are a couple of special dates you can think to engrave your Reminder with. 

  • The date of your own birthday
  • The date of your parents' birthday
  • The date of your pet's birthday
  • The date of an anniversary
  • The date you first met your partner
  • The date you graduated school
  • The date you overcame your fear
  • The first date that comes to mind


One-word and short phrases that will make your Reminders one to keep.

  • Sunward 
  • Wander
  • Forgive
  • Build up
  • Dream big
  • See the good
  • All is well
  • Love you
  • Do good
  • Game on
  • Fear not

Get matching Reminders with and/or for your loved ones!

For one Reminder:

  • I love you
  • For all days
  • Perfect fit
  • Evermore
  • With you

For two Reminders:

  • Finders and Keepers
  • Heart and Soul
  • Double and Trouble
  • Forever and Always
  • Mon and Ami – French, meaning 'my friend'

Prompts we hope to inspire – quirky, fun examples from The Mindful Company!

  • A tribute to your favourite song
    • Cherry Wine by Hozier (11 characters)
    • In My Blood by Shawn Mendes (11 characters)
    • Circles by Post Malone (7 characters)
    • You Are by Lionel Ritchie (7 characters)
    • ocean eyes by Billie Eilish (10 characters)
  • A tribute to your favourite food
    • Sushi (5 characters)
    • Waffles (7 characters)
    • Coffee (6 characters)
    • Ice cream (9 characters)
    • Ribs (4 characters)
  • A tribute to your favourite movie
    • Tokyo Drift - Fast and Furious (11 characters)
    • Upon a Star - Pinocchio (11 characters)
    • Phone home - E.T. (11 characters)
    • Carpe diem - Dead Poets Society (10 characters)
    • It's Alive! - Frankenstein (10 characters)

Got any ideas of your own? Leave them in the comments below!

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