A note from Trixie

Hello there, I am Trixie and the founder of By Invite Only Jewellery, a 11-year-old brand based in sunny Singapore.

When I first learnt of the closure of The Mindful Company, probably like you, I was in shock and terribly saddened. I knew how much hard work Ciara and Ling had to put in to build the brand to where it is today.

I have always been following the brand since its conception and admired from afar the strides it made in the market and what they stood for. I related deeply to their message of mindfulness and the causes they supported and see the synergy between both our brands’ aesthetically. The next day, I reached out to Ciara and Ling and the rest they say is history.

Today, my team and I have the honour to continue its legacy and we have so much to learn. In the next few months, we hope to get the pleasure of knowing you better as new friends would; your likes and dislikes as well as your hopes for our future as well as yours.

In the next few weeks, my team and I will be sharing our up and downs, our journey of starting afresh and beginning again. We hope you will come along and be our guide, to hold our hand and most of all, to let us be of service to you.

With love,

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